Amazing and addicting word puzzle

The game is a few hundred levels of intellectual pleasure. You are looking for a hidden word, and cute monsters help you. Can you reach the end of the game, filling all the squares with words, and fill the vessels with a multi-colored liquid? A whole bunch of levels hidden in bottles! Over 500 levels are prepared especially for you. In the beginning, solving a puzzle may seem like a simple task. But, as the number of letters increases, guessing words becomes more difficult and even more exciting. Funny monsters will tell you letters from the word, you will only have to guess it. Rules of the game On a square field there are letters. Find all the words, highlighting the letters that stand side by side, so that the words completely fill the square. Not all, but only the conceived words are suitable for filling. If you are confused and do not see the words, then colored monsters will tell you where to start. With each level the complexity of the game increases, and guessing the words is more interesting. The game is intended for those who like to solve crossword puzzles, to play the gallows, to search for words, to compose words from letters or simply to guess them. The main idea is taken from a game like “Hungarian Crossword”, but improved and adapted for mobile devices.