Guess The Words

Do you need a C_ _E?

You wake up on a grassy meadow with no knowledge of how you arrived there. Before you is a yellow monster who is mostly head. As he smiles at you, he reveals sharp fangs. “Let’s play a game,” he says.

“W…what kind of a game?” you nervously ask it.

“A word game,” it replies, “You have ten words to find. Succeed, and you move onto the next level.”

“A…and if I fail, you’ll bite my head off?” you ask it.

“What? Ew, no! That’s sick! I’m a vegetarian! Wow, you’re so prejudiced against monsters!”

“Oh…wow, now I feel awkward. Sorry about that,” you apologise.

“Ha! Fooled you. I’m not a vegetarian. Yeah, I’ll probably eat your leg if you fail.”


“Ha! Fooled you again. Vegetarian.”

Find a word, then poke the yellow monster to feed it to him. Stuck? You can also click on the blank word to get a clue from the monster. That’s right – the hidden word from the slogan was “CLUE” – not “CAKE”. Although having said that, I could really do with a slice of cake now…